Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan

The Airside Oil Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan has been developed for Home Heating Oil customers and allows you to pay monthly by Direct Debit, spreading the cost of paying for your home heating over the full twelve months.

Our Monthly Payment Plan runs from 1st June to 31st May. You may join our plan at any time; your monthly payments will be spread equally to clear your account by the following May.

Monthly Payment Plan – Details

Commencement Deposit

If placing your order at the time of joining our plan, a deposit of €400.00 is required on your first delivery only. All future deliveries will be covered by our agreed monthly payments.

How Much Will I Pay Each Month?

We will recommend a minimum payment of €150.00. Your payment can be higher or lower depending on the level of your oil consumption.

Payment Date

Payments are debited from your current account on the 6th or 20th of each month. You select the date option.

Quarterly Statements

You will receive a statement of your account every three months. If your monthly payment needs to be adjusted, you will be advised in writing in advance of any proposed change.

Easy Payment

Please note that you can transfer a fixed amount from your own bank account to our bank account each month. When you are ready to order, whatever credit has accrued on your account will be deducted from the cost of your oil delivery with whatever balance remaining to be paid to the driver or by Laser / Visa Debit / Credit Card in advance.

Clearing Your Balance

Any debit balance on your Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan must be cleared by your last payment in May. If you have a Credit Balance on your account it will be refunded to you on request.

Your Monthly Payment automatically continues in June to pay for your oil purchases for the following year.

Airside Oil Budget Plan Account Benefits

No more large heating oil bills. The cost of heating your home is spread throughout the year;
Saving money – saving time – cutting costs. No need to write cheques;
All Monthly Payment Plan customers can avail of all our special seasonal heating oil promotions.

How Can I Join?

After downloading our Monthly Payment Plan, please post your completed Monthly Payment Plan Application to Airside Oil, Estuary House, Old Yellow Walls Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin.  You can download the Monthly Payment Plan here.

If you have any queries regarding our Monthly Payment Plan please call us on 01 8408999

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