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Agricultural Gas Oil | Farm Diesel

We supply a range of oils including: Gasoil (also known as Green Diesel, Marked Gasoil, MGO, 10ppm, Agri Diesel, Low Sulphur Gas Oil, 35 Second Oil) Kerosene (also known as Kero, 28 Second Oil, Paraffin) Road Diesel (also known as White Diesel, Derv) and Unleaded Petrol for a wide range of uses.

As a business ourselves, we understand how important a reliable customer focused oil supplier is to you.

  • Gas Oil and Kerosene for heating,
  • Gas Oil for your farm machinery and vehicles including: tractors, harvesters, generators etc.

So what ever heating system or machinery you operate we can supply the appropriate fuel.


Agri Diesel conversion from gallons to litres

Our delivery system is measured in litres. There are approximately 4.54 litres to 1 gallon.

  • 1000 litres is equivalent to 220 imp gallons
  • 200 gallons is equivalent to 909 litres


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